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A4 B7 S-line 2007 sat nav issue.

OllyT Oct 23, 2013

  1. OllyT

    OllyT New Member

    Hey guys,
    new member and just looking for a bit of advice.

    recently my sat nav has stopped working.
    I put the cd in and it says that it will " not recognise the cd" or "cd improperly inserted"
    if I put an audio cd in the drive then it works fine, only seems to play up with the sat nav CD.
    I have tried it with both satnav CD's and the same thing happens every time.
    I don't know what causes the issue so any help would be appreciated.


  2. Khanage

    Khanage Member

    Mine had the same issue. Turned out the lens was dirty. A few screws to take the top of the unit off, meths on a cotton bud to clean the lens and it was back to perfect reading again.

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