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A4 B7 3.0 TDI Retrofit Tow Hitch - Issues

3.0 TDI Paul Oct 14, 2012

  1. 3.0 TDI Paul

    3.0 TDI Paul 4th gear

    I’m having problems retrofitting a Westfelia electrics kit to my 06/56 A4 3.0 TDI S-Line Saloon (MY 2007)

    I believe I have two problems.

    Firstly altering the 3 wires from the 32 pin grey plug with the 3 wires from the trailer hitch.

    Secondly altering the engine coding.


    I’m successfully able to make require changes to fuse box etc. however when I make changes to the 32 pin plug the car’s indicators stop working inside and out. Bizarrely the hazards work but no clicking sound can be heard in the car. Running a VAG-COM scan after identifies excess comms errors on 09 Cent. Elect. and DTC’s on 46 Cent. Conv, 17 Instrument cluster, the remote key also stops but car starts.
    Reverting the wires in 32 pin grey plug and re-syncing the key with the ignition fixes everything.

    The car runs fine (no fault codes, indicators working etc.) with the fuse box modifications either way.

    Having ran a VAG-COM scan before and after the 32 pin grey plug modifications I’m believe that’s the problem. We’ve checked all the wiring from trailer socket to under dash 3 times now. Everything appears to be correct.

    VAG-COM coding and adaption

    I can do the coding and adaption to 09 Cent. Elects., 76 PDC and 17 Instrument cluster.
    I could do with some advice on changes to 01 engine coding.
    The engine is the 3.0 TDI 233PS (ASB). Until recently I never had a VAG-COM label file for the engine.
    I have now just obtained 059-907-401-ASB.lbl after hours of searching forums. Unfortunately this file does not have any coding hints, just measuring blocks and adaption.

    Current engine coding is 0011911.

    Having looked on Ross-Tech and many forums I’ve found the coding changes for 2.0 TFSI and 2.0 TDI but not for my engine.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Do you have a log of the car to post up.
  3. a6_chris

    a6_chris Well-Known Member

    There is a label file by default for my ASB - sounds like you're using an out of date version of the software.

    Is it genuine and could you post a full log as Nigel says?
  4. 3.0 TDI Paul

    3.0 TDI Paul 4th gear

    Thanks for your replies, sorry it’s taken a while I’ve been working abroad and not been in a position to supply any information.

    A friend of mine from Birmingham came down in the summer with his Vag-Com cable when I first tried to fit the electrics, we were unable to do it, so I bought a cheap ebay Vag 409 cable which I’m using. Can’t get VCDS-Lite to work.

    I’ve got a report for individual control modules not a full auto-scan report like by friend’s full version.

    I’ve copied and pasted reports below.

    Address 01: Engine Labels: 059-907-401-ASB.LBL
    Part No SW: 8E0 910 401 N HW: 8E0 907 401 AL
    Component: 3.0L V6TDI 000SG 0050
    Coding: 0011911
    Shop #: WSC 06335

    No fault code found.
    Readiness: 0 0 1 1 1

    Address 03: ABS Brakes Labels: 8E0-910-517.LBL
    Part No SW: 8E0 910 517 J HW: 8E0 614 517 BH
    Component: ESP8 quattro H06 0140
    Coding: 0004425
    Shop #: WSC 06335

    1 Fault Found:
    01826 - Sensor for Steering Angle (G85); Supply Voltage Terminal 30
    000 - -
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 01100000
    Fault Priority: 3
    Fault Frequency: 2
    Reset counter: 40
    Time Indication: 0

    Freeze Frame:
    Hex Value: 0x0000
    Hex Value: 0x0202
    Hex Value: 0x0024
    Hex Value: 0x0195
    Hex Value: 0x0001

    Address 08: Auto HVAC Labels: 8E0-820-043.LBL
    Part No: 8E0 820 043 BM
    Component: A4 Klimaautomat 2833
    Coding: 00000
    Shop #: WSC 00000

    2 Faults Found:
    00457 - Control Module for Network (J519)
    49-00 - No Communications
    01206 - Signal for Duration of Ignition Off Time
    27-00 - Implausible Signal

    Address 09: Cent. Elect. Labels:
    Note: Excessive Comm Errors

    Address 17: Instruments Labels: 8E0-920-9xx-8EC.LBL
    Part No SW: 8E0 920 982 D HW: 8E0 920 982 D
    Component: KOMBI+WFS 4 H14 0110
    Coding: 0007411
    Shop #: WSC 00502

    1 Fault Found:
    00457 - Control Module for Network (J519)
    004 - No Signal/Communication

    Address 46: Central Conv. Labels: 8E0-959-433-MAX.LBL
    Part No: 8E0 959 433 CH
    Component: Komfortgerát T3B 4035
    Coding: 05867
    Shop #: WSC 06335

    Part No: 8E2959802F
    Component: Tõrsteuer.FS BRM 0606

    Part No: 8E2959801F
    Component: Tõrsteuer.BF BRM 0606

    Part No: 8E0959801E
    Component: Tõrsteuer.HL BRM 0606

    Part No: 8E0959802E
    Component: Tõrsteuer.HR BRM 0606

    1 Fault Found:
    00457 - Control Module for Network (J519)
    49-00 - No Communications

    Prior to changing any of the wires there were no fault codes on any of the modules.

    I’m guessing the older version Vag-Com 409 does not have the 3.0 TDI (ASB) label file included but I found file name on the following forum:

    Google Translate

    And a quick Google search allowed me to download it from;

    Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: 059-907-401-ASB.lbl

    If you can provide any help that would be very much appreciated as I could do with sorting the tow electrics once and for all.


  5. 3.0 TDI Paul

    3.0 TDI Paul 4th gear


    Resolved the issue.

    Problem is a mistake in Audi/Westfelia instructions.

    Instruction 14: remove orange/green (CAN High), orange/brown (CAN Low) and black/red (power) from 32 pin grey plug. Insert into black 3 pin plug supplied with wiring kit. Ensure orange/green, orange/brown and black/red wires match wires from tow loom.

    Instruction 15: this is the mistake!
    Take 3 new wires from tow loom and insert back into 32 pin grey plug to replace the 3 removed from previous instruction.
    Black/red into chamber 15 as per instructions. Orange/green into 13 NOT 12 as instructed. Orange/brown into 12 NOT 13 as instructed. This is to ensure you do not cross connect the CAN High and Low wires.

    Rest of instructions are ok.

    Tow electrics work as should finally.

    Engine Coding

    Resolved the issue.

    3.0 TDI (ASB) is a relatively old engine and does not use long coding.

    Tow electrics appear to work fully (disable park assist/rear fogs and towing indicator light on dash) by coding 09 Central Electrics, 76 PDC and adapting 17 Instrument Cluster.

    Thanks for “scoutau” for his post:
    Octavia Towbar Blues - Page 2

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