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A4 B6 hu install going wrong help!

bonerp Sep 28, 2007

  1. bonerp

    bonerp Member

    Ive bought a dvd player to replace the concert HU in the car. I've purchased the adapter to plug and play, but its not playing!!!

    When I turn the ignition off, the stereo stays on. When I turn the stereo off it only goes to standby.

    I've checked all the audi wires but none seem to switch when I turn the ignition.

    I think I read something about adding an accessory line to the ignition switch, however due to the stupid fixings on the steering cowl, I cant get it undone! So is there anywhere else I can wire it to? After spending 3 hrs on it i'm geting desparate!

    Finally, the local sextons said I can just use the aerial straight into the stereo, however its a fakra jobbie. Im guessing I should use the plug, not the aerial. Does this mean an adapter is required?

    thanks in advance. Wish I hadnt bothered now.

    Just found this and assuming its the problem of power, and the solution!!!
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Yes the B6 only has permanent live going to the power connector for the HU, so the only way to easily get the HU working is to pair the perm live and ignition on live and connect them both to the perm live. You then have to remember to turn the HU off manually.
    There are 2 ways to wire the ignition on feed.
    1. as described in the link above, but then the HU will only work with the engine running or the ignition fully on.
    2. tap the thin red wire running underneath the steering column, and feed this to a relay, then power the relay from the perm live at the HU. This will give you a proper accesory feed, so that the HU stays on until the keys are pulled out. It seems to be the only feed in later Audi's that stays live until the keys are pulled out, but isn't man enough to run the HU without a relay. The wire is very very low ampage, so much so that you can't use a piggyback connector on it, you have to cut it, and then reconnect it with a small terminal block.
    And yes the fixings on the steering cowl are bloody stupid, I had to modify a long thin screwdriver to get them off, but IIRC you don't have to remove the cowl, just the trim around the steering column, which is just a few 10mm bolts. This will give you access to the ignition wiring running from the left of the steering column.
    You'll need the fakra aerial antenna adapter for the aerial, as it needs power for the aerial amp in the boot.

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