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A4 B5 Speaker issues!

DriveByShooters Apr 30, 2011

  1. DriveByShooters

    DriveByShooters Editor Audi-Sport.Net Magazine

    Ok, 1998 A4 B5. Trying to fit Vibe Black Air 5's into the factory locations.

    Bought Autoleads SAK-1104 adaptor rings. (for ease)

    Vibe Black Air 5's have a mounting depth of 60mm.

    Here is the problem!.....The Fcukers wont fit!

    Weirdly enough though, just bolting the adaptor collars in place to the doorcard (without speaker) the collar fouls on the front of the door skin!...thats even before ive even attempted to fit a speaker!!!

    The collars are to adapt from a 3 bolt (audi OE) fitting to a 4 bolt 130mm speaker yet there are only 6 holes in them! 3 to bolt them to the door card and.....errr.....3 left to bolt a 4 hole speaker to!

    The collars only seem to go one way round, 2 screws at the bottom and one at the top. The triangle is not equal so you cant twist them 90 degrees either!

    Spoken to a few fellow B5 owners and they havent had a problem. Am i being REALLY stoopid here and missing something blindingly obvious! ​
  2. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    Calv, you know that one of the speaker ounts is the same hole that mounts the adapter to the door car don't you?

    So thats 2 to hold the adapter on, 3 just for the speaker and one goes all the way thru to hold the speaker and adapter on.

    I will try and find time to drop the whole card off properly for you later and take a few pics
  3. DriveByShooters

    DriveByShooters Editor Audi-Sport.Net Magazine

    Yes mate, figured that bit out. main concern ATM is that the collar wont fit on its own when attached to the door card.

    I'm thinking of doing a complete door build instead now. Its not ideal bolting the speaker to the door card so thinking "**** it" do a proper door build.

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