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A4 B5 Service Schedule

richa4 Feb 13, 2006

  1. richa4

    richa4 New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Bought a 2.4 V6 Avant a while back privately, and the owner had lost the original service schedule and had it replaced with a duplicate by the Audi dealer (all above board).

    My problem:- The duplicate is literally just a stamp book - there isnt any details of service intervals and what work needs to be done at what mileage/age. E.g 80,000 miles - cambelt change - you know the stuff.

    Can anyone scan in theirs and post it please?

    Any other bright ideas?

    I just need the bit with whats done at each service interval - not looking to clone anyone's history or anything dodgy!

  2. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    ask them nicely, you should be able to get an actual schedule book, just you'll be missing the usual barcode sticker that has the options, vin etc etc.

    you used to be able to get these on ebay.

    Failing that, most scrappys sell them too.
  3. richa4

    richa4 New Member

    Thanks madvw i might just try that.

    Just found this these useful looking maintenance schedules at:
    Audi Online Technical Library

    This look like what anyone else has in their glovebox?

    I'm guessing you choose the year your car was made.

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