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A4 B5 Front speakers and steering wheel remote upgrade

Mr K Jul 26, 2007

  1. Mr K

    Mr K Member

    i have a audi concert stereo with the stereo in the boot; problem is the front speakers are not to great (the drivers side is blown) so i want to fit somthing better in there; going on other threads my best bet is to make some stiff mdf mounts for them, but what speaker should i opt for? obviously componants, and priced between £40-70 a pair, available in 13cm (front) and 16cm (rear) correct?.

    what speakers do you recomend?

    i would also want a amp to power the rear ones; whats good? idealy somthing that would fit in under the CD changer (i think its where the TV receiver goes if you have one)

    finally, i would like a remote on the steering wheel for the concert stereo? was this ever an option?

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