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A4 B5 audio options

tony_ack Oct 27, 2011

  1. tony_ack

    tony_ack New Member

    I've recently got myself a 1998 A4 B5 which has the standard (non-Bose) factory sound system with the Concert headunit. I like the look of the unit in the dash, but unfortunately it is lacking in connectivity to plug in USBs or even just aux connections. For now I have a tape-line in convertor but it sounds pretty bad, and only comes out of the right channel.

    I considered getting a Connects2 adaptor but the head unit is past its best as well - the LCD display is bleeding and it suffers from the common volume problem, so if I were to go down the standard route I would need to invest in the Connects 2 and a replacement unit... I ideally want to get the best sound for as cheap as possible, so it makes no sense to keep it OEM.

    I've got a JVC spare headunit with a USB input, so I'm thinking of installing that instead and getting an ISO adaptor, but I have a couple of questions about this
    1. Will the adaptor take into account the fact that VAG cars have swapped ign live and perm live? Or will I need to switch the wires over?
    2. My rear speakers don't work - I think this is because the rear amp is either missing or not plugged in. There is a blue plug dangling from near the left-front of the parcel shelf. I have read that it is better to power the rears from the HU anyway (the JVC is supposedly 4x50). Do adaptor leads usually take into account that a rear amp is used? How easy is it to run some new cables from the HU? Where do I splice into?
    3. I'm not sure whether the car has the factory sub or not - was this standard in the A4? If it is present, how do I wire that into an aftermarket HU?
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The adaptor just allows you to make the swap over on the adapter rather than cutting the Audi loom. Some are already swapped, some you just need to extract the pins with a paper clip and swap them over (or cut the wiring). If you are going to extract the pins then you just as easily do this on the Audi loom and then you don't need the adapter. Just insert the ends of 2 paper clips into the slots on the front of the black ISO plug and wiggle the relevant wire free.
    Don't even bother using the Nokia rear amp it is 2 x 20w garbage, just wire the rears straight to the HU. The speaker cables can easily be tucked under the trim down the passenger side, so no need to dismantle the interior. At the HU you'll need a standard ISO male to female speaker harness (£5 from maplins). The existing Audi front speaker plug will plug into the male part, the female goes in the HU, then you can cut the 2 outside pairs of wires and make the connection to the new rear speaker cables.
    Your car doesn't have a sub
    You'll also need a fascia adapter and ISO aerial amp adapter.
  3. tony_ack

    tony_ack New Member

    Thanks for that - I've ordered the ISO adaptor (think it has bullet connectors on the switched/perm live so I can swap them), the loom for the HU (as it is missing) and an aerial amplifier. I have a roll of speaker wire too, so I'm almost good to go. I will get the fascia later - I just want to get it working first!

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