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A4(B5) 2.6 v6 - Edinburgh

Murr85 Jan 28, 2013

  1. Murr85

    Murr85 New Member

    Sadly having to Sell my A4 due to loosing my job

    This is the 2.6 V6 version which I think is quite rare nowadays!

    MOT'ed until June and is Taxed until the end of this month. Powerful car which is a real pleasure to drive on the motorway. The bodywork has a slight trolley scrape on the drivers side front bumper(was like this when I bought the car) apart from that the bodywork is immaculate for a car of this age and looks great. The interior is also very clean and tidy considering the age.

    Had a full service performed by an Audi Dealer just before Christmas(can provide the paperwork)

    Here are the things that were highlighted:

    Was advised that it needs a new waterpump, however the car will run fine as long as you keep an eye on the fluid level and top it up every so often.

    There is some noise coming from the clutch however the car still pulls and drives perfectly and is not slipping. The clutch will probably need replaced sooner rather than later though.

    There is also an occasional intermittent problem with the immobilisor. Sometimes when turning the key the immobilsor can kick in. Was told this was due to the key needing reprogrammed. I have only experienced this a few times but whenever it has happened simply turning the key in the ignition a few more times back and forward the light will go off and the car will start as normal.

    Will be sad to see this go but a fairly cheap powerful winter runaround or project for someone willing to replaced the highlighted parts. Would have done it myself had I not not lost my job :(

    I have been 100% honest with the things that need fixed and it runs fairly well (been using it daily to get back and forward to work)

    There is plenty life left in this car for someone willing to put the work in.

    Full Service and MOT history provided

    I am looking for £450, no silly offers or ridiculous swap offers please. Feel free to get in touch

    Please note I am located in Edinburgh
  2. doublem_1

    doublem_1 Member

    You should probably remove the illegal, and blinding, headlights if you want to help your sale.

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