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A4 Avant Sline 1.9tdi (115) - all versions bombproof?

damodici Mar 15, 2013

  1. damodici

    damodici New Member

    Morning all,

    only 3rd post in so thought I'd clear up one thing - I'm mechanically challenged with cars and know my way round a motorbike better although still not great :)

    so, now that's out of the way if you don't mind ill fire straight in.

    i currently drive an A5 Quattro sportback (new shape) 3.0tdi which is obviously a great car, I'm lucky as work pay for that and for most of my career I've had company cars and even owned a brand new a4 avant sline back in a previous job (2005/6) which i loved so I like my Audis (bmws I find a tad boring tbh although rwd is fun occasionally)

    anyway the mrs is now off on maternity leave as she's just given birth to our new baby girl so I'm afar a new car for her/us that'll be big enough for just her and the baby stuff during the week but also give us decent functionality for any weekends away (2 adults, 2 kids + excessively sized baby equipment) .

    I like my track days at snetterton, brands and Angelsey (her gran lives there) and we sometimes do euro stints over to Germany/France via the euro tunnel for weekends away.

    I've been looking at a couple of Sline Avants on autotrader , one tdi TDV 2007 with 40k £9500 and one TDI 55plate with 50k £8500 and both 'apparently' very good condition with FSH (they look decent in the pics at least)

    theyre just the 1.9tdi 115bhp engine but from what I've read they seem to be the most bombproof of all simply due to them being around since the dawn of time, is that correct? not sure what the 2007 TDV bit means if I'm honest (2 stage turbo so less lag??)

    ive heard they're a little under powered (can't remember mine feeling it back in 2005) but for her pottering about and me occasionally needing it to tow a motorbike trailer to track days (60mph tops) and fit all my gear in I'm not so sure a 140/170 engine will add that much to the party. Or am I wrong? I appreciate torque as the A5 has it in spades but when you get going with a trailer it's not that important

    I see 3 main engines about for the cars I'm looking at : 1.9tdi 115bhp, 2.0tdi 140bhp & 2.0tdi 170bhp

    the 2.0ltrs appear (rightly or wrongly) to have possible issues with certain engine codes (BLB) and something to do with a balance shaft? Hence my apprehension about getting one.

    Then from what I gather ideally you want to be looking for a BRE engine code (found in the boot I think) ?

    so, now I've blurted all of that out I guess the questions are:

    1.9tdi 115bhp engines:

    are they bombproof and likely to give somebody mechanically challenged less hassle?

    is there an engine code to avoid on these ones?

    please god tell me they don't have DPF filters?

    2.0tdi 140/170 bhp engine:

    avoid BLB codes like the plague?

    Only go for a BRE code?

    if either which one, 140 or 170?

    DPF filters?

    cheers gents and apologies its long winded, going to look at 2 this Sunday so need to go armed with quality info
  2. ajax1976

    ajax1976 Well-Known Member

    I was in similar situation, the 2.0l diesel stories scared me. I had a 150bhp golf before and thought I'd hate the 115 but a remap could sort it. To my surprise the 115 isn't too bad, quite nippy around town, ok up to 70 but runs out of steam after. I've not remapped it yet and not sure I will now but may be in the future. The only downside I found initially was the 5 speed box but I've even got used to that now. Overall I'm really happy with the 115, fast enough for what I do now and regularly returns 60mpg.
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  3. damodici

    damodici New Member


    Well that's good to know, Im sure we'll be fine with it but just a little more knowledge before buying is always helpful.
  4. matthew999

    matthew999 Member

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  5. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Guess a B8 A4 avant is out of the question?
  6. damodici

    damodici New Member

    only if its over budget and huge mileage :)
  7. alpesh26

    alpesh26 Active Member TeamMisano

    I've got a 1.9tdi 115. Owned it for 2 and a half years and I've had no issues with the engine at all. Mine has been remapped and it does make a difference to the performance. Much more torque so it pulls better in all gears. Its quite economical too.

    They don't have dpf's either :). I took off my intake manifold, throttle body and egr valve and cleaned them. The egr valve was almost seized shut and the intake manifold had 3-4mm layer of carbon stuck to it. After I cleaned these things I got some more power back.
  8. AudiB7Jay

    AudiB7Jay Active Member TFSI Owners Group Team Sepang Audi S1 Audi A4 saloon S-line owners group Team Aruba Blue TDi Manual

    Hey mate, I have the 57 plate, A4 1.9 TDI (115) now (163) with revo stage 1 remap (stock returned 800 miles to a tank on v power), (revo'ed returning 800-820 miles on vpower). stock it lacks that pulling power from 3rd up. (would suggest a remap 100%). pulls 200% better now. I got mine at 83k for £8,000 6 months ago, 0 problems thus far... coming upto a service in the next 400 miles (91k). Motorway speeds it does guzzle quite abit due to the 5 speed box but 60mph its more economical than a Toyota Prius I swear to god :p (I fill up 1x a month with shell V-power for £80-95.
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  9. damodici

    damodici New Member

    The car I'm looking at is a 55 plate with 50k on the clock (Audi registered then 1 lady owner), went to see it yesterday and its pretty bloody clean I must say although I'm not sure where to look for known faults/rust areas.

    its up for roughly £8500 but has Bose, rear parking sensors, pull up blinds everywhere (good for babay i reckon) removable Towbar (good for me and track days) , 6 disc, sun roof, FASH and all of them look to be annual & 'long life'? (Not sure that's right)

    i don't believe it's a TDV though, just simply a TDI 1.9 sline.

    would that cause any problems?

    Also where's everybody having remaps done and how much is reasonable to spend on one? Don't want to go the cheap route if the place isn't that good but equally don't want to spend over the odds just because of a fancy website.


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