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A4 Avant Quattro 1.8L boost

wilco Oct 4, 2004

  1. wilco

    wilco New Member

    Hi all,

    I have recently received my Audi (only 4 months after I ordered it...) and have found it to be utterly gutless. To put it into perspective I guess I should say my previous car was around 350hp in a slightly massaged 5.7L LS1 6 speed, however they don't suit the road here in Europe so I decided to go with something local.

    What is the standard boost on the 1.8L quattro? It feels really lazy in power delivery compared to many turbo's, even my older (2000 model) Saab 93 2L turbo had more punch when the turbo kicked in and that was a standard unomodified and badly treated car.

    Can the boost be increased easily on the Audi through an electronic boost controller or similar? I don't want to make any permanant modifications as it is a company car, but the lack of power is driving me crazy.

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