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A4 Avant - poor door alignment

IainP Mar 19, 2008

  1. IainP

    IainP Member

    Hi - has anyone had issues with poor drivers door alignment on an A4 Avant? I have an 07 plate 2.0TFSI special edition and have had the car into the bodyshop twice for a week at a time to align the door following wind noise issue. It's still not great...........has anyone else had similar issues?

  2. NobberUK

    NobberUK VAG Junkie

    Mines the same, i noticed it the day I got it. The lines of the chrome trim and body panel lines don't meet, it's dropped about 5mm. It also means the door doesn't close properly sometimes when you shut it.

    It's in for service soon, gonna see if Audi can adjust it.

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