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A4 Avant Boot catch motor

lbaters Aug 30, 2007

  1. lbaters

    lbaters New Member

    Has anyone had any problems with their boot handle not releasing, therefore boot not able to open unless key is inserted? When the car is unlocked and the handle pressed a noise is heard as if the boot has been released but it doesn't open. This is an intermittent fault at the moment and is driving me mad.

    Not sure if it needs a good lube or a replacement motor?

    Help would be appreciated - reluctant to send it to a dealer at this stage.
  2. Beef

    Beef Member

    Our old A4 did this - water had got into the mechanism and rusted the release - a spot of grease got her rocking again.

    Our new A4 often just wont bite and close properly...also frustrating.

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