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A4 Avant and Baby Seats?

SimonP Jan 17, 2005

  1. SimonP

    SimonP Member

    This might be a bit of a domestic post compared to chipping etc ;-) but anyone have any real problems when it comes to Baby Seats in a B6 A4 Avant, I'm aware that the back seat space was an issue on the B4 chassis is it a problem with the B6? We don't really want to go to an A6 size as parking and access is very tight at our place.
  2. PeteBSK

    PeteBSK Member


    What exact problems are you having? We have no problems with space in the back... the only issue is if you have two baby/toddler seats fitted, it really IS a squeeze to get a third passenger in the middle!

    I have a B6 Avant and have no problems fitting the standard Audi (non-ISOFIX) Baby seat (same seat as for Mercs and Ford too + others... so shop around!)... I can also fit a Britax seat... which is a spare if we have other toddlers on-board...

    The main seat we use is the Audi ISOFIX toddler seat as I specced that on the car when we bought it and it really is a doddle to fit/use.

    If you want I'll dig out the model of the other Britax seat...

  3. Jonc

    Jonc Member

    I have an A4 (B5) Avant and currently use 2 Maxi Cosy Citi rear facing seats in the back. It is a bit of a squeeze and do have to compromise my driving position so that the drivers seat is slightly raised from the lowest setting and a little further forward and I would have without the child seats in. I am 6ft tall, however I have driven for 4 hours, (1 break in between) without too much problem. Front facing seats will mean I can revert back to my normal seating position.
  4. leosayer

    leosayer New Member

    TBH the A6 isn't a lot better. We have a Graco rear facing baby seat with base and it takes up a huge amount of room. We were looking to trade our B5 Avant in due course anyway and took the seat along and tried it in loads of different cars. The B6 fared pretty well compared to bigger Volvos, BMWs etc, which was nice because I really wanted one anyway!

    I'm 6'4" and there aren't any cars that would allow me to sit comfortably with a r/f baby seat behind me, so it goes behind the passenger seat.

    The joys of parenthood!

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