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A4 Avant 2.0TFSI Quattro SE S line - Selt Belt Light and sound

d4dubs Jul 24, 2012

  1. d4dubs

    d4dubs New Member

    Hi guys,

    Recently bought an A4 Avant and having a few little issues, which i need so advice with.

    I have Heated Black Leather S Line interior, the seatbelt light stays on wtih that annoying dinging sound when a passenger is not seated in the front, unless i plug the belt in. The seat is clear and the the heated element is off, does anyone know what could be wrong. I tried fiddling wtih the wires underneath and got it to turn of for a single short journey, then hit a bump and it went off again, there does not seem to be a loose connection, but perhaps something else. Has anyone got any experience with this at all?

  2. PetrolDave

    PetrolDave Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the passenger seat occupied sensor is faulty and thinks there is someone sitting in the seat - and hence should have their seat belt on.
  3. dubdemand

    dubdemand VAG Addict

    Agreed, has to be a faulty seat presence sensor... it may be in the wires you fiddled with or its the pressure pad it self. Shouldnt be too hard to fix and hopefully inexpensive!

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