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A4 Avant 2.0 TDi Questions

RobbieR Mar 24, 2014

  1. RobbieR

    RobbieR New Member

    Hi everyone, brilliant forum, some lovely cars on here!. I'm sorry if this Q has been asked many times, I'm going to service my car, and I've been told it must be 507.00 oil. My car has a BRE engine, non dpf. Is 505.01 ok to use, car will be serviced every 6 months.
    It's a march 2006 car. Many thanks in advance for advice.
    Regards, Robbie
  2. Giosabcsl

    Giosabcsl Active Member Audi A4 saloon

    Which 505.01 are you referring to?

    You don't have to run 507. Generally is considered long life oil for 15-20k mile services.

    505 = fixed interval oil
    506 = flexible service interval oil.

    505.01 = PD's on fixed interval
    506.01 = PD's on flexible service interval

    507 = universal diesel standard for both fixed & flexible service interval.
  3. RobbieR

    RobbieR New Member

    Hi, we have 505.01 morris multivis 5w/40 at work. According to data sheet it's suitable for 505.01 pd on fixed servicing. Just wasn't too sure if it was suitable for my car! Cheers :)

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