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A4 and Audi = ****

a4lover Aug 14, 2003

  1. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    I love how everyone gets so defensive over the precious A4 just because they own one.

    In a4lovers opinion the A4 and Audi = ****, and he is entitled to that opinion, I don't see why people are getting annoyed by his comments. It's an opinion, everyone is allowed one, however conflicting it may be with your own views.

    Also this topic is from 2003, is there really a need to drag it up again?

    Just to keep on topic, the build quality on Audi's is marginally better than equivalent BMW's, but anyone who thinks Audi's cars have better driving dynamics than BMW's, is quite clearly deluded. The E46 M3 is a masterpiece, the B6 S4? Forgettable.
  2. Bascule

    Bascule Member

    some interesting points made here, and I take issue with the concept of audi=****, and also with some of the BM/Merc points.. My last three motors:
    B6 A4 tdi sport (Mods: AMD remap only) covered 59K miles from new
    BMW 330d sport (Mods: Black diamond discs and pads, Eibach springs, other minor stuff) bought at 40K and covered another 28K miles
    CLK 430 avantgarde (Mods: Eibach springs, Eisenmann race exhaust) bought at 88k and covered another 45K miles so far

    Out of the box, the best all-round drive was the A4. Both the BMW and the Merc had too soft suspension, despite being alleged 'sport' versions. The Merc was the worst 'as standard' but was the most transformed by the modifications.

    Best drive after mods: CLK, no question - but not really fair to compare a huge torque and fairly free revving 4.3 V8 petrol and nearly 300Bhp with the other two engines, and once the handling was sorted thats what made the difference. It was the most 'crippled' by standard suspension though..

    Best on Fuel: A4, by a country mile. didnt really matter how you drove, dont think I ever got less than 500 miles out of a tank and it was usually around 570. Savings here were way offset by other costs though.. The BMW 3.0 diesel (auto) rarely topped 32mpg (got 37 on a good run once) unless you were 'driving miss daisy' - and why buy that sort of car to drive like that? CLK consistent 24mpg, which given unleaded is cheaper I view as acceptable.

    Other running costs:
    A4 the worst by a huge margin, even putting aside depreciation (the other two werent new, so unfair to compare that). Audi servicing and parts costs were frankly appalling, neither was it that reliable - 5 or 6 PITA issues in 60K (under warranty true, but still involved courtesy or hire cars and frustration) and included replacement gearbox and oil pump etc. BMW had minor issues, bushes etc and odd electrical gremlins but basically not too bad, and big savings on servicing.. (and gearbox not needing oil changes every 40k etc!). Merc: fantastic, £270 for main dealer big service.. come on Audi thats how it should be! have just switched to independent and its better still.. Merc is also the best on tyres, which I didnt expect..

    gearbox (all auto): A4 worst, dreadful, reported regular errors, fresh oil at 40k compulsory, needed replacement at just 35K. (ok, was a PITA so I'm biased against it!). Merc 5spd Auto hugely the best, locks torque converter in top 3 gears (so you still have engine braking), sensible ranges, fast changes, tip works well, superb. BMW - no problems, but slowish changes and unremarkable (even BMW forums call them a 'slushbox' and its a good name).

    the Merc, best by a mile! (Also didnt expect that!) in 45K miles Ive had a single fault: a Xenon bulb which started to fail, went purple and cost £29 to replace.. other than that just routine servicing, no gremlins, no faults, no creaks, no rattles, just superb.

    Would I buy them again?

    A4: Yes, no question - but would not buy new. I would buy at three years old, get one which has folding rear seats, and use independent for servicing. Would be very very tempted by a B6 S4 V8.
    BMW: No, probably not. It was neither one thing nor t'other, was respectably quick and comfortable, but never quite hit the mark. M3 might be awesome, but just not quite.. well.. you know.
    CLK: Have to say yes, if only because after 45K I don't have the slightest urge to replace it, but I would definately NOT buy it new, and the modifications were absolutely essential to the drive, more so than on the other two.

    Interior/seats: A4 wins, then Merc, then Beemer.

    think i strayed a bit off topic :-(

    NONE of them were ****!
  3. james0808

    james0808 Active Member

    Some interesting points there Bascule,cant speak for the Auto box in the Audi or bmw but the Audi manual was smoother than the bmw.
    The A4 had the worst seats i have ever sat in until i changed them for the S4 Recaro and they was great,but so was the bmw sport seats.
    As for suspension the A4 was too soft and i felt seasick when driving it on the twisties,my 330 had eibach suspension when i got it so it handled lovely,much better than the A4 even after the Koni kit and RS4 roll bar.
    Would agree none of them are ****.
  4. pav-g

    pav-g Member

    A4lover - you definately pulled a raw nerve...

    now calm down people - leave the poor soul alone...
  5. 46TheDoctor

    46TheDoctor Valentino Rossi A.K.A The Doctor

    James wasnt your a4 an se to begin with?? its just we got bascule comparing a 4+ litre V8 to a 130tdi, were all comparing sports to se's, 4 pot 1.9 diesels to v8's, how can you begin to compare cars in this way?? this is goin nowhere guys.
  6. james0808

    james0808 Active Member

    Yes it was an se to begin with,but i changed all the bad bits interior for S4 recaro,suspension with koni ssk kit and RS4 roll bar,brakes for B5 S4,Milltek full exhaust,remapped,FMIC,it was quite fast and ABT body styling.
    I was very happy with it when i finished,still think it was the best looking car ive had but wanted something more lively.
    I sold it to get an S3 which i really wanted until i drove the 330 back to back against a remapped S3 and i knew there and then the bmw suited my needs so much more,better handeling,better brakes,faster and the 6 pot noise was addictive,especially once i put a new exhaust on it,equally as nice interior,fair enough a dodgier image but i buy a car for me and if wasnt for the misses planning to drive it i would still have it now.

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