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a4 airbag 06

quattrov6tdi Nov 1, 2007

  1. quattrov6tdi

    quattrov6tdi Member


    hi all
    any one help looking for a part no for 06 a4 airbag in black
    dealer has fifteen options

    hope some body can help


  2. marms

    marms Member

    There are many different part numbers. (although not 15).

    Obviously depends on colour but also also on year.
    Only way to know for sure is to either remove the existing one and check the part number on it or supply a chassis number. It looks like there was a lot of change around 06/05.

    The part number will be :
    8E0 880 201 XX 6PS

    Where 6PS indicated soul black
    but it's the XX bit that is unclear.

    DG is the latest and that would be my guess but it is only a guess.

    If you go the the dealer and with your chassis number and say 'Will 8E0 880 201 DG 6PS fit my car with this chassis number?' they will be able to confirm.

    Hope that helps.

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