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A4 97 avant rear wiper problem

Siim Tammik Oct 13, 2012

  1. Siim Tammik

    Siim Tammik New Member


    My a4's rear wiper is driving me crazy. It havent worked for a long time and I didnt needed it to work, but now I need it and Im tring to repair it but its impossible.
    1. checked the fuse - it was fine
    2. opened it up to test if its getting power - with multimeter and its all fine(its getting 12v black/yel, switch turned on 12v green wire etc..)
    3. So I thought it has to be motor problem - opened it has much as I can and nothing seemed wrong, but anyway I ordered new motor and I installed it today but its still not working :S whadaf***:scared2:

    I have only 2 thoughts right now. Maybe coz new motor was cheapest one it came broken from factory. Or somehow order of the 4 fires are changed :S
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2012

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