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A4 3.0 v6 misfire!!

Ollyv10 Mar 31, 2013

  1. Ollyv10

    Ollyv10 New Member

    Hi there, just after a bit of help here!
    I purchased a 2005 a4 convertible 3.0 v6 (asn engine) from a friend with a suspected head gasket problem, No compression on no.1

    Stripped engine down and found there to be a hole in the side of the piston! Replaced the piston, head gasket and timing belt. Didnt have the timing tools so set engine to tdc using the mark on the crank pully and made my own tools before stripping it.

    After the rebuild, started it up and runs lovely, revs up fine with no codes. As soon as I drive it, it starts to stutter really bad and the engine light flashes. Go and plug it in again and says misfire on 1,2,3. I had the injectors refurbed, all new plugs and new coild on cylinders 1 and 3. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts that maybe able to help me out a bit here?

    Many thanks


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