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A4 2.8Q ABS Module

Inertiauk Aug 28, 2011

  1. Inertiauk

    Inertiauk Active Member

    I bought a very cheap, and fairly tidy 2.8Q at weekend, on an R reg 113k miles 6 Months MOT, cost me £500.

    It needs taxing by Thursday, the backbox needs putting back on it (its in the boot), and it needs a battery which I will just get second hand, so it will probably stand me at £650-£700 once that is all sorted. the aim is something nice, but cheap to smoke about in whilst my S3 is off the road ( http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/a3-s3-forum-8l-chassis/125017-inertias-s3-upgrade-thread.html )

    The other major issue it has which could end up costing is that it has an ABS fault, its a pain really because the brakes work fine, but there is a red exclamation mark on the DIS all the time, and the car beeps at me, it means the DIS isn't usable.

    Plugged in my mates laptop and ran VAG COM (3.11) and scanning the full car, it is only able to read 'Interior sensors' which are OK. It cant read any other module on the car.

    I read (via Google) that the abs module is hogging the K-line causing this. does this mean I have a faulty module or could it be just a faulty ABS sensor ?

    Temporarily is there any way to shut it up and just not have ABS, perhaps pull a fuse or just disconnect the ABS module?

    Any suggestions for a permanent fix?

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Chances are the module is at fault, as they are a common failure on the B5's. You can send it of for repair, will cost about £150. You can still drive the car without the module fitted, no way to by pass it and it is an MOT failure.
    AudiWorld Tech Articles
    There are plenty of repair options, BBA-reman etc
    You could source a secondhand replacement but no guarantee this won't have the same issue
  3. Inertiauk

    Inertiauk Active Member

    Cheers Andy, £100ish to get it rebuilt and a bit of labour to get it off and on isn't too bad I suppose.
  4. Inertiauk

    Inertiauk Active Member

    I was waiting until my S3 is back on the road to fix this, and this morning I got in my A4 and somethign wasnt quite normal about it, it took me about an hour to wake up and realise I had full DIS, and no warning for the ABS, and no annoying beep \o/

    I've been expecting it to come back on all day, i have done about 150 miles and its been parked up in between, still hasn't come back.

    Maybe its the warm weather, maybe not, touch wood itle stay like that lol.

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