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A4 2.8 plug leads

ajsphead Feb 28, 2008

  1. ajsphead

    ajsphead New Member

    Following on from my posting about the fuel consumption and misfire on my A4, I bought a new set of Magnecor leads. Well, anyone wanting to but a set for a V6 might want to know the fun I've had ! Ordered on line by engine code from Europerformance - really helpful. Leads arrived, and they are all the wrong length with the wrong plug sockets on.

    Checked the magnecor online catalogue, which is identical to the europerformance one, as you'd expect. Closer inspection of the magnecor catalogue revealed a catalogue (sorry) of errors. ABC and AAH engines listed as 24 valve. My ACK engine listed as 24 valve, but with the same plug order code as the 2 12 valve units. ABC, AAH and ACK engine codes listed for the A4 95-2000. To my knowledge the AAH was never fitted to the A4 in the UK, not sure about the US. A listing for the 30 valve only for the A6 with just the ALG code.

    Spoke to the MD of magnecor who was less than helpful. Told me I'd ordered the wrong set of leads - well I think I'd already worked that out. Told me I shouldn't have ordered anything with 24 valve in the catalogue if I knew there was never a 24v version of the engine, not counting the new 2.8 FSI. I don't know how someone with less knowledge about the configuration of Audi V6 engines would be able to make that decision considering whoever informed him obviously didn't know. Not sure how he would expect to sell any leads on the basis of that thinking. Sometimes there are small typos in catalogues, that's why they say E & OE in the small print, so, reckoning the engine code was right, and this was a typo, I thought purchasing them was a fairly safe bet.

    Apparently, according to the MD, I should have phoned Europerformance, and Magnecor, to check that this was right. If I'd given them the engine code they would have confirmed what I already knew, and sent me the wrong leads, so I'm not sure how this works, particularly as they don't list an A4 with a 30v engine. If I'd told them A4 2.8 V6 1997 they would have still sent me the wrong leads.

    Anyway, the bloke told me that Europerformance's catalogue must be wrong, but it agrees exactly with theirs. Perhaps I should have realised in my crystal ball that the ones I wanted were only listed for an A6 with a different engine code. Crystal ball ..., crystal bo...cks more like. He seemed to have a really bad attitude, and I think, pretty rude too. What a shame he wasn't willing to listen, as I would have happily explained about the engine codes to him.

    I shall need to get some different leads, any suggestions - have used splitfire in the past, but am willing to try the best available, so long as it's not Magnecor.


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