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A4 2.6 Wont Start

GarryA4 Nov 4, 2006

  1. GarryA4

    GarryA4 New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for some help with a fault on my 1996 A4 2.6. The car will never start when cold unless it is towed or pushed, when it will start and run normally (No rough idle). The car turns over but there's no spark. After the car has been started once it will restart on the key for hours afterwards. The only other symptom is that the engine has to turn a few times before firing. The car has been in 2 garages who have been unable to find the fault. The following parts have been replaced: Crank sensor, Cam sensor, battery and ignition switch. The car has now been off the road 6 weeks, so any help would be greately appreciated. There are now no codes showing.

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