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A4 2.5TDI Tiptronic Quattro fuel consumption

Alibi Jan 10, 2008

  1. Alibi

    Alibi Member

    What consumption does everyone get with this model? My Avant Quattro is only getting about 20mpg around town (short runs from cold, stopping and starting with a few miles on the bypass), and if I go on a longer run it might reach 40mpg if I'm lucky and lightfooted. This is much higher than my previous 1.9TDI Q manualwhich got 50mpg or pretty close to it most of the time. I know the bigger engine and the auto are bound to use more fuel, but I am beginning to suspect all is not well in the engine department. Runs well though, only done 55k. If that is normal, I'd hate to have a 2.8 petrol...

    Any thoughts?
  2. Siena

    Siena Active Member

    Sounds about right.

    I drove an A6 2.5TDI quattro tiptronic saloon to France back in 2005. Averaged 42mpg over the entire trip, with mixed driving. You A4's an Avant, more glass area, so weightwise, pretty similar to the A6 saloon.
  3. jdp1962

    jdp1962 Grumpy Old Moderator Staff Member Moderator TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Gold Supporter Team Tornado Audi S4 quattro Black Edition s tronic

    I used to have a B5 2.8 petrol Quattro Tiptronic. It ranged between 17 and 32 mpg. But the thing is, I knew what to expect when I bought it, and in any event, it was worth it for the pleasure the car brought me. If you're worried about fuel consumption, why buy a 4WD V6 automatic, even if it is a diesel?
  4. 205man

    205man Active Member

    i have a 2.8 and i average 19.8mpg at the moment but that is most due it being used in traffic

    but then i didnt bue a 2.8 for it fuel economy
  5. m0rgb

    m0rgb New Member

    I've also got an A4 2.5tdi quattro auto, around town it guzzles!

    My journeys are usually longer and I get around 38-40. Can get 44+ if really gentle and watch motorway speed but thats naff!

    I too thought this car would be a bit more economical than it is. But I've bought it for fun (chipped to 210bhp) and long life. I hope to keep it up to the 200k mark (another couple of years).

  6. Mothy69

    Mothy69 in gear but clutch slipping

    Just watch that fuel guage go down !! :yes:

    I dont know what my mpg is, but it averages out at a cost of 20p per mile on fuel.. which is about 5p per mile more than my 1.8 mk1 Golf GTI - so i dont think thats too bad..
  7. I avg 23 MPG in my S4. I know which I would rather have...

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