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A4 2.5TDI suspension

Graze Nov 20, 2006

  1. Graze

    Graze Member

    I've had this Avant [104K mileage] for a year or so now, first Audi I've ever had, so I can't compare, but I find the suspension as hard as rock and I notice every little bump in the road. The shocks seem OK and the cornering is fantastic but it seems extraordinary that this is normal. The tyres are normal, not low profile and inflated to the correct pressure. I'm just wondering if there is something I can do about it or is it just meant to be like this? Thanks for any comments.
  2. JayB5UK

    JayB5UK Member

    don't complain! mine is a sport and soft as anything!
    Have you checked your tyres at a decent garage with digital guage, or on a hand held, if they're too hard this could exaggerate it.
    Also, previous owner may have changed the springs for aftermarket ones?
  3. icenutter

    icenutter Member

    Sounds like you have an aftermarket kit. Mines a 1.9 tdi with sports suspension and its still really soft.

    Look on the sticker in your handbook and by the spare wheel. The code 1BA is standard suspension (with black shock absorbers) 1BE is sports (with red shocks). If something else is fitted then that's the reason for the stiffness.

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