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kevinio Jun 18, 2009



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  1. kevinio

    kevinio New Member


    Did you know Audi Cars ONLY guarantee their Engines for 100k miles?

    ON a Perceived Quality manufacturer, I think this is diabolical, when you consider KIA is offering a 7 year warranty or 100k guarantee. Of which the First 3 years it is UNLIMITED mileage.

    I have an A4 Avante Quattro 2.5 ltr Diesel April 2002 MY, it has JUST done 103 k miles, and a rod has thrown…..apparently, according to the Audi Dealers, whom have had the pleasure of my business from NEW.

    This engine was supposed to be Bullet proof, according to the press of the day, when it first came out…so obviously to my surprise when the engine let go we obviously think, there was a fundamental fault of which was never diagnosed in any of the services and least of all released to the general public.

    We bought the car as a result of many years of 2 wheel driving in Mercedes and BMWs and since purchasing the A4 we have loved every minute of the experience, until the dreaded day, which resulted in a massive cloud of black smoke, and a surge of power that could only be controlled by me stamping on the footbrake, until which time the engine let go and I coasted to a halt, trailing behind a lovely long trail of oil.

    According to Audi, the car was out of warranty and because of which the car is not their problem, and also because it has done more than 100k miles they are not interested in supporting me to either get it fixed, or pay me for the car, a decent amount that would actually go towards a deposit on another AUDI.

    Anyone contemplating buying a car of this Perceived Quality had better make sure that if they buy one they “FIT for Purpose” or NEVER do more than 100k miles.

    I would very much appreciate any positive guidance you could give me.

    Yours truly,

  2. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    Having spent a lot of time hunting for info on this engine for the last 2 years or so I cannot remember hearing of this problem. Not saying it doesn't happen but compared to say the camshaft problems with engines that predate yours - nothing. My oil pump drive chain let go but that was at way higher mileage than yours, i didn't even buy mine until it had done 109k miles.
    To replace this engine Audi will charge you a fortune for the engine and the labour to change it, but you will have a Audi warrranty. I would say find a local independent VAG specialist for a strip down to confirm the problem and whether its repairable. Whether it is or it isn't the reduced labour rate will save the cost of moving the car. Your problem will come in sourcing a reliable replacement engine. Because they are longlasting they are not easy to find, and i know to my considerable cost there are cowboys in this business.
    Nasty hard financial logic may well tell you to sell the car as it stands - you may well get 2-3k for it - and buy another of similar vintage. If i had known how much i was going to spend in the end i would probably have done so. There are some bargains around, if you check out towards the end of my thread on this forum you will see someone kindly pointed out that their mate had bought an almost identical A6 to mine with much less miles for only about a grand more than i'd spent having mine rebuilt for the second time. For instance there is are some nice similar age A4s and A6s on VWDiesels.co.uk for £5-6K
    As far as the 100k warranty - sorry can't help you there. Seven years ago Kia weren't offering what they do now.
    I can imagine how pissed off you are just now, been there done that. Suggest you decide either you want to keep it and ignore the cost, or take the financial decision and get rid. Only you can choose.
  3. danny104

    danny104 Member

    I have got an A6 2.5 tdi V6 (160,000 miles), i have just had this problem about 3 of the cam rod had broken off. I had to re-move both of the rocker covers and change all rods and other bits, along with the oil pump.

    We have put it down to the oil pump not working properly.

    Its not cheap !!
  4. BILKO1

    BILKO1 Member

    When you say a surge of uncontrollable power that sounds like the engine was running on its own oil and revved to destruction thus throwing the rod through the block. This is not uncommon on diesel engines and has various causes including overfilling of oil, turbo seals/ bearings going letting oil into the inlet tract.

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