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A4 2.5TDI B6 AKE, no boost when warm, 00519 fault code.....

76pearstorm Apr 29, 2013

  1. 76pearstorm

    76pearstorm New Member

    Hi guys,

    First post on forum but visited several times for resolution to some past issues with my A4.

    Currently the problem I am having is this; start up from cold first thing in morning and turbo running sweet as a nut,

    drive down road for approx 1-2miles and pow loss of turbo power and seems to be in limp mode, still pulls along but no turbo boo hoo.

    Popped onto mates computer today and fault code 00519 intake manifold pressure sensor and 00575 intake manifold pressure control fault codes registered, possible link between the two maybe....

    Cleared faults and wahey turbo works as normal even when warm but hey presto limp mode again after half a mile, stuck back on comp and fault code 00519 only.

    Problem is cant seem to locate MAP sensor to remove and replace, anybodys help would be much appreciated,

    Thanks in advance Tom.
  2. S111 NSN

    S111 NSN New Member


    Have you looked under the N/S headlamp?
  3. oldbanger

    oldbanger New Member

    its probably linked to your ecu on your model. if its not on the black plastic inlet manifold pipe, then its on the ecu.

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