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A4 2.5 TDI checks? new owner

BigJimKnickers Mar 29, 2010

  1. BigJimKnickers

    BigJimKnickers New Member

    Hello all first off
    Ive managed to get hold of an Audi A4tdi v6 2.5 i only bought it today i went round it and done some basic checks, lights, electrics tyre pressures (35PSI?) filled it with fuel, put some oil in it an drove it 130 miles home.
    now tomorrow id like to do some more checks, so my question is to u guys is what checks are really important on this model? any problems that keep arising?
    so far it seems superb, a clean an a polish an it will look great.
    thanks for reading any helpful info appreciated !!
  2. denzelburner

    denzelburner Member

    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    What year is your car, what kind of milage, and does it have any service history and/or receipts with it?

    For the tyre pressure, I personally like 32psi (215/45/17), but it depends on the tyre and the load you are generally carrying.

    Hope you find this site ok, it is brilliant for pretty much everything you need, and there are some people on here who have a huge amount of knowledge :icon_thumright:
  3. B5NUT

    B5NUT Well-Known Member VCDS Map User quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group s tronic

    First things I would do is a fluid service, oil, brake fluid, coolant, PAS and change depending on the condition/colour etc. Also find out when the cambelt was last changed.
  4. BigJimKnickers

    BigJimKnickers New Member

    Cheers for the reply guys, it's a 2000 with 113k on the clock all service history to prove it's genuine to that I checked last night, I think the stamp book is in the car somewhere so I'll look for that to check when the cambelt was done last
    it has about £1500 worth of recipts and a full hpi printout so hopefully it's not a lemon !!
  5. cerips

    cerips Member

    Cambelt, injection pump belt, water pump and thermostat are due every 60K so you'll be due one soon.

    Budget around £600 including labour from an independent to do it.

    As the weather is **** at the minute check the drains in the bottom of the scuttle as they block and flood the passenger footwell, you'll need to take the battery out to get at them.

    Factory tyre pressures are on a sticker in the fuel fillert flap.

    Injection pumps can fail and are £££, it's around £400-£500 to get one refurbed.
    The dashboard led display loses lines, it's normally a faulty connection, find someone who can repair fine wire solder connections and you're away.
    The abs controller can die throwing an abs warning light, you need someone with VAGCOM or similar to diagnose it as the generic code readers will just sit there, you can get these repaired for around £120

    The indicator connectors are a bit flakely as well, I had to get a new one soldered on so the front offside would work.

    Think that's it.

    They're lovely cars, I'm getting around 40mpg with a thermostat stuck open on A and B roads going up to 50mpg on the motorway.
  6. olds_kool

    olds_kool Active Member VCDS Map User

    good cars till they go wrong

    issues ive had are
    knackered fuel pump, about £800 fitted
    knackered starter about £90 exchange and a bugger to fit
    failed aux belt tensioner which kept throwng belt off, about £120 for all the different parts that make it up and a proper bugger to fit
    engine breather, blocked causing oil leak that i cant trace, fitted later improved type (this is well worth doing before you get pressure problems and theres a good guide in diesel section, oh and its a bugger to fit)
    turbo vanes clogged, free to fix and fairly easy to do
    thermostat, not worked in about a year, collected parts and tools to do job but havnt got around to it yet belts off jobbie

    oh and has yours got ASR very annoying if you pull off from a junction quickly and it cuts power (but works well in snow)

    then theres the usual b5 stuff control arms, rear calipers, maf etc...

    mines on 200k+ still drives perfectly and is really nice to drive on the motorway, the only time i was tempted to get rid was when fuel pump went but decided to keep it in the end
  7. BigJimKnickers

    BigJimKnickers New Member

    Wow, quite a list !! Lol
    yes mine does have ASR but I've not opened the car up yet as I wanted to get it on my dads ramp ( he's a diesel fitter) and give it a good check before causeing a lot of damage unnessiceraly I thing a fluid change/water pump will be my first action. When it stops bloody raining!
    Cheers for your input guys!
  8. Matt82

    Matt82 Active Member

    i agree with him. start with the basics, look at the essentials and then go from there
  9. BigJimKnickers

    BigJimKnickers New Member

    Just found out one of my bro's best mates is an Audi fitter, so gonna offer him a little private job to do a good check over for me. (dads busy & pissed at me selling my van).
  10. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    As Old_skool stated, they are briliant cars when running right ! Cambelt is an expensive job as it needs quite a few items replacing while the front its off wich bumps the price up. Also, many mechanics dont know how to work properly on these cars, that's why many dislike them ! I personaly love the v6 lump as it has soo much potential, yet there's not much Off the shelf ot there for them. The FWD will eat front tyres if you're a spirited driver and i advise to check the rear springs/shocks as they prone to snapp. Parts are relatively cheap for them and i will only use quality fully synthetic oils in 5w30-5w40 flavours with max 6-8k intervals. Brakes are a bit small for the power/weight of the car so i suggest you look for audi TT caliper carriers and upgrade the discs to the 312mm ones (as fitted to quattros/late v6 engines from 2000 on). Oil breather is a must as the stock ones clog and will throw the seals off the turbo and make shure you replace-it with the later style as fitted to the AKE 180Bhp engine. If replacing gearbox oil only use genuine stuff and the antifreeze should be pink- G12 spec. Any other colour is not good. Also make shure its not on the Long Life service intervals as the cams will wear out due to the oil being kept for that long... If you ever need a cambelt done for a good price and you're not too far/dont mind traveling for a good price, then drop me a line, I know these engines inside/out... Cheers !
  11. BigJimKnickers

    BigJimKnickers New Member

    Cheers for the replies fellas, ive looked through the bills ive got with the car to find evidence of a cambelt, so far ive just found that the left hand side pipe on the engine has CB WP at 78,000 written on it in white paint, now i realise this may not even be off this car so im gonna have a peek at the condition of the belt, if its 5 years or 60,000 miles then the five years is about up from the bills i have.

    I found a nice service bill for a full fluid change for £245 which was done in may 09 which was handy, so to check it was definatly done i rang the garage to ask them.- never know what lenghts a dodgy car dealer will go to.

    where abouts are you Adam? looks like youve just got another customer!

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