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A4 2.0TFSI Fuel cuts.....issue remains after new parts

Lowridingaudi May 4, 2009

  1. Lowridingaudi

    Lowridingaudi Sline

    I have the dreaded fuel cut issue in my audi A4. I have now had the High pressure fuel pump, camshaft, camshaft bucket follower and pressure sensor on high pressure fuel pump changed but the problem remains.

    I have not cleared the fault of the ECU, could the car still be going to limp because I have not cleared the fault ?

    I had a look on ETOS on the only related parts left now are a thrust sensor and pressure valve. the fault code comes up with a mech fault with the high pressure pump.

    Any help would be great !
  2. Nza

    Nza UDO Unidentified Driving Objec

    Yo I think the cluprit is the Turbo hose which goes into your turbo breathing system. I had an issue like that in the past within an A3 and fuel was leaking into my turbo hose and the readings were not detecting the turbo hose. Only how the garage knew it was that was when the split on turbo hose became more prominent.

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