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A4 2.0TDI BRE 2006

stevw1 Apr 22, 2014

  1. stevw1

    stevw1 New Member

    Hello Y'all

    Having issues with my EGR (VagCom'd) shows EGR fault (n75 iirc)

    Now the question is - TO DELETE or NOT TO DELETE ???

    And how - 1) Buy an EGR Delete Kit (Darkside / ALLARD)

    2) Simple blanking plates.

    Someone on here must have some pics or HOW TO, competently achieve this. Also will it throw EML, im going for a Map soon anyway and can have it written out of the ECU.

    All replies welcome, and advice most acceptible too.

    Thanks Steve
  2. SpannerMonkey

    SpannerMonkey New Member

    i'd be opting for the delete.. i made a wee quick fix delete for mine, as soon as i get a second i'll be getting a template made and makng a few wee blanking plates up.

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