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  1. Hi All,
    Im after an A4 Sport and i fancied the 1.9TDi (for long journeys), but now I see an A4 2.0 sport.

    Its not the FSi so can anyone tell me what the spec is on this model, i.e. is it fuel injected, is it any good and has anyone tried one out?

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  3. It's probably a 2.0 20v which gives 130bhp. It is injected. It'll be quieter than the diesel but you'll get 10-15 mpg less and it won't have the same midrange urge of the oil burner. Won't hold it's value so well either.

    Apart from that the basic Sport spec is the same regardless of engine fitted.
  4. Thanks Macduff.

    For someone like me who has never had an A4 its quite a minefield (or it seems that way anyway!)


    VACINC Member

    Jan 21, 2004
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    A4 2.0 Could be the new 2.0 fsi turbo used in the new A3
    200 BPH, if so it a stormer
  6. Im changing from a motorbike actually, and a pretty quick one at that! Nothing on 4 wheels would get close so I dont care too much about performance.

    As it turns out, I got a 1.9Tdi SE from Walton Audi last week. Nice car, well pleased.
  7. The 150bhp 1.9 is not available in UK spec A4s (not A3s for that matter). Not sure why as the Golf and Leon both had that engine.
  8. i meen the petrol fsi, is a 52 plate 130 or 150 bhp?

    ibiza now has a 160 bhp 1.9 tdi
  9. ah i see, ill have a look then, its a company car i have been using, seems pretty nippy actually, quite torqey for a big car with what i class as a small engine for the size.
  10. I have the A4 Sport FSI 53 plate and it's quick enough - it will sit an 105MPH all day long return decent MPG
  11. yak

    yak Member

    Mar 8, 2004
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    Have you considered chipping btw? AMD says they've got 20bhp more from several A4 2,0 FSIs. That's quite a lot from NA engine, but I would be interested, if anyone has tried (it's not available for A3).

    - Yak

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