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A4 2.0 FSI rough idling when cold & no fan fuse

manosskali Aug 22, 2011

  1. manosskali

    manosskali Member

    first thing in the morning when the engine is cold the car has this rough idling issue. sometimes the engine may even cut off and i have to restart it. i was hoping that the new coil packs would cure this but it doesnt look like they have. we are going on a 300mile round trip to North Wales at the weekend so im thinking i might use one of them engine / injector cleaner / treatment formulas. my only concern is that the last time i used one of them on an 1993 2.0 celica gti it seemed to develop a petrol leak - or at least i could smell petrol for a few weeks right bad. i have read that these formulas apart from cleaning they might remove carbon deposits that have nicely blocked tiny holes etc in your engine. what do people think on these?

    oh and i just remembered. i was looking at my fuse box on Saturday and noticed that position No9 named 'radiator cooling fan' is empty - there is no fuse (and there is no connections behind it either). i dont think i have ever heard the fan working by the way but i have only had the car a couple of weeks and not gone far in it (yet). is this normal?


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