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A4 2.0 FSI Lumpy Idle

NathanA4Avant Oct 11, 2011

  1. NathanA4Avant

    NathanA4Avant Member

    Hi all,

    Having had my A4 for nearly a year now, it recently went for a full service at VASMotion.

    Having been scanned etc, the lumpy idle has been put down to a misfire on idle in cylinder 1.

    Is this likely to be an injector problem, or fuel rail related. The fuel rail was replaced when i bought it - for an unknown reason - and i find it hard to believe that its causing me trouble, but as it wasn't an Audi specialist I'm dubious as to whether its been replaced right.

    I've been quoted £120 for an injector, and 3 hours labour to replace it. Does this sound right? May have to book it in as its getting worse, and hesitating while crusing as a steady speed now.

    Help appreciated.

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