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A4 (1997) 110bhp TDi starting problem

benh999 Jul 14, 2009

  1. benh999

    benh999 Member

    Morning folks. My Daily car up until today was an Audi s3, however due to travelling to work I wanted a diesel. My friend came up trumps with his P reg 110bhp audi a4 avant TDI. he's owned her from new and has covered 184k miles in her. Last year the car died on him and the local garage said they'd traced it back to the high pressure fuel pump and quoted him ££££'s to repair her.

    He bit the bullet and bought a new a4.

    I now own the p reg audi. Strange thing is, when we turned her over the other day (bearing in mind she's been stood for over 1 year) she turned over fine but after about 10seconds she spluttered then jumped into life and ticked over nicely.

    My question is what could have caused the original problem of not starting??? The car is getting a full service and I have the new High pressure pump however is there anything else I should be checking or replacing as a matter of course??


  2. dieselfitter251

    dieselfitter251 Blow ma own trumpet?

    Maf, vac sensors, (two 1 either side of the i/c on the pipework at the back of the engine between the top and bulkhead and one down by the radiator front left - as you look at the car) and the connecting vac pipes.. classic cause of loss of power although it should start ok. Best thing to do is plug it into vagcom mate. Anything dodgey should show up there. I'd also check the glowpulgs.

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