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A4 18T 2003. Battery drain. HELP!

qawsed Jan 26, 2010

  1. qawsed

    qawsed Member

    Anyone got any ideas on this?
    It is a long story so i will keep it short and all major details.
    Perhaps a year ago i had a flat battery,AA said it was a drain.Went to MD and was told the drain was normal for several mins and AA does not realise this.They could find no problems.The bat would go flat apx aftre 3days.The car went back several times with no luck with fault.I had a new bat fitted at kwik fit who told me the battery area was flooded.Looked on line and found out this was a problem and this results in the convienance module getting wet which causes elec probs.
    Went back to MD who said "oh yes".they told me the unit was wet BUT the terminals were not green.the drain holes were cleaned and told the area should dry out and be ok.several months went by and all was well untill past few weeks.Now the battery drains over night.
    I rang a indipendant garage to replace the convience module but he said it seems odd,normally it gives up completly and you get probs with alarm,c locking ,windows etc.I get none of this.
    Md dealer only seems to plug in and look for errors.Can anyone shed light or recomeded anywhere to go,i am in se london.
  2. singhl

    singhl Member

    The battery drain is normally due to something in the car not shutting down when you turn off the car. This leads to other itmes in the car staying "on ", which when left for 2/3 days without driving flattens the battery.

    My 2005 A6, had same problem, a friends BMW 530d had same problem, both turned out to be the car stereo not shutting down when car switched off, my cure was some new software for the radio (which can be flashed via the in car cd changer), my friends bmw had no cure other than removing the stereo fuse when car parked up.

    You need to put an Ammeter in line with the battery (with car switched off - and do not try to crank car with it in otherwise you will fry it). Wait for car to shut down (10-20 mins) and see the amps being drawn, I cannot remember the exact figure but over 200 mA could be excessive, if it is, start removing fuses one by one and see wich one stops the drain, then narrow down from that, my first port of call would be the stereo.

    There is NOTHING usually wrong with the battery.

    See http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/3/13/883667/audi.tb.91-07-13.pdf
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2010

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