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A4 170 Diesel

m14rts Jan 11, 2009

  1. m14rts

    m14rts Mw

    Hi Everybody ....

    I have a couple of issues with my 2007 (A4
    Avant 170 Diesel (not Quattro)

    Performance //// MPG ..

    K/N Filter ... Slick50 ..... Bluefin ......

    I have done the above Mods because the Engine MPG and performance is so poor ... Car done only 6500 miles .......

    MPG at mo about 39MPG ... is that all I can expect as Audi quote alot more ....

    One thing to note ....

    Does anybody know why the 170 diesel engine has such a noticable induction noise .....

    Ive tryed with a K&N filter and stock ... but the engine Seems to be gasping ...

    Any Idears .....

    The Mods I have done was with ther intension of improveing the engine performance... before poeple ask it had these issues before Mods ...

    Any help Thanks in advance ...

  2. Richardesty

    Richardesty loves quattro

    Hey up Martin - I run the same engine as you, but I'm saloon and Quattro.....

    I've had mine since August, and I'm 'partly' surprised at your comments:


    Sorry to say - but what you're getting seems about right, depending on the roads you use and the way you drive. My routes are all A/B roads with several quite short journeys, and I average about 37 Mpg - but I do tear about a bit. I tend to get about 43 when I manage to get out and about on better roads.

    Power - So here's the bit I'm partly surprised at:

    When I test drove the 2.0 TDi B7's I tried a '140' Avant FWD, a '170' Saloon FWD and my '170' Saloon Quattro.

    The 140 felt quite good, and not at all low on power - until I tried the 170 saloon. However, on a B road test/blast - the torque steer was really quite bad. The combination of FWD, the undulating road, and the power was not good. However - the car generally felt really quick.

    My 170 Quattro is just as quick, but so much more sure footed when coming out of bends, or accelerating hard.

    Either way, the torque / power delivery of my 170 is really good - and because of that (and the way I drive :keule:) I put up with the mpg.

    This said - my last car was petrol, and had about 110 bhp and didn't accelerate in 5th :whistle2:.

    From my experience above, I wonder if you've either been used to something quicker in the past, or there's a problem with your set up?
  3. Macduff

    Macduff Member

    I've driven a couple of 170 Quattros and on my normal roads I only get around 32mpg compared with about 40mpg from our FWD 1.9 130

    m14rts, what sort of journeys do you do - length, type of roads?
  4. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    dunno where you've put that slick50, but i know i wouldnt have it anywhere near my engine.

    If its in the oil, then i'd be doing an oil change and getting rid of it.

    What do you mean by "sucking noise", your k&n filter will only amplify any induction noise the engine makes and will make the turbo easier to hear too, i'm wondering though if you might have a boost leak...

    As if you've got it bluefin chipped and the performance is still lacking then surely theres something a bit odd going on? I'd imagine the engine should be putting out ~200hp and lets face it, that much power should give it a nice shove...
  5. m14rts

    m14rts Mw

    Hi Thanks for the input ....

    Yup I cant really here the Turbo .. But I can here that induction noise ...

    How to I test for a Boost leak ...

    Thanks anyway for the response
  6. m14rts

    m14rts Mw

    Not Many Motorways .... MPG drops alot below 35 on them you would think it should go up ...
  7. m14rts

    m14rts Mw

    Hi ...

    Reah I have had car quicker in the past ... But I never see above 40MPG on any Journey

    It donesnt feel right to ME ...

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