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A4 1.9 Tdi Sport 2001 Clutch/Flywheel

Fender 54 Jun 11, 2008

  1. Fender 54

    Fender 54 New Member

    I a have owned this Audi for about 8 months, with no probs. It currently has 70k on the clock. It has developed a knocking/vibration that the garage that I use, has diagnosed as being the flywheel. I stand to be corrected, but I am led to believe that this is a common problem. My thoughts are, to have the flywheel replaced with a solid one as opposed to the `Floating` type that are there from manufacture. Is this a good idea? Does having a solid one cause more general vibration and if I do decide to go down that route, where am likely to be able to obtain such items? I am just trying to save having to keep relacing flywheels and clutches too often. Many Thanks:blackrs4:
  2. istoo

    istoo Member

    i had to do out 1.8T last year, its a dual mass flywheel... £300 and the clutch was about £100 the car was on 90k at that point. common, well i cant answer that but the car has been remapped, although i carried this out prior to the remap so 90k of driving busted it.

    flywheel going feels like clutch slip but in reverse, it will slip in your tallest gear, ie 6th at say 40 when your starting to pile on the torque. oddly doesnt slip on the start on a hill initally more evident on bigger gears, and its progressive.

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