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A4 1.9 tdi - flywheel clutch replacement ?

joncat May 24, 2004

  1. joncat

    joncat New Member

    Hi All, New to this group but hoping you knowledgeable AUDI types will be able to help....
    Scenario - 1997 A4 1.9 tdi has shredded the clutch / flywheel. My local garage say that
    the parts will be around £650 ($1100) and want to charge me £350 ( $600) to fit the parts...

    What i would like to do is fit an ordinary (non dual-mass ) flywheel and clutch set-up but
    I am struggling to find out what parts may be compatible from other vag cars or indeed who
    if anyone in the UK or even the USA or elsewhere (Eur) would be able to supply me the parts.

    Any thoughts or advice really welcome, I only had the car FIVE DAYS before it went "bang"
    except it didn't go bang it died quietly reversing out of the drive............

    Cheers all,


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