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A4 1.8Turbo 2002 Instrument cluster wiring diagram Needed,

Ciaran Jan 8, 2010

  1. Ciaran

    Ciaran New Member

    had the above car in this evening with temp gauge reading in the red constantly,, (engine code AVJ)
    read live data with vag-com in engine ecu and got temp of 52C which was right
    read live data in instruments and got 122C, then unplugged sensor (green 4 pin) and got 114c in live data,
    anyways found signal wire to instrument cluster and earthed it out nd got -100c reading in live data

    then found coolant temp senor was only getting one 5v supply which is from the engine ecu, hence temp is reading correctly there,
    so guess i now need a wiring diagram of instrument cluster to look up pin and supply to cts,

    any help or ideas appreciated,

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