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A4 1.8TSport 2004 Oil Help

loafy Sep 16, 2006

  1. loafy

    loafy Member

    Ok peep

    got a 1.8tsport audi a4 cab and today was driving along normally when the computer tells me oil pressure warning, so i pulls into the nearest garage to check the oil level like its told me to do so.

    the oil level is fine near the max line on the dip stick, so i thought i would check the oil cap to see if oil is getting to the top of the engine and sure enough it is. strange

    jumps back in the car to continue going home and it says fine, so i begins to think its a wee hiccup!

    then it warns me again, this time i parks the car outside for a few hours to cool down and i checked the oil again and yeah sure enough same as before fine.

    Miles on car is 25k with full audi service history.

    can u help on any ideas why its doing this?



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