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A4 1.8T or 2.8Q

DangerousDoug1 Jul 16, 2004

  1. DangerousDoug1

    DangerousDoug1 New Member

    After a bit of advice?

    I own a 98 1.8T std apart from AmD DV with 80,000 miles and very happy with it. However I can get my hands on a 2.8Q 98 std with 160,000 miles on it and am in a bit of a dilemma weather to swap or not. The 2.8Q has full Audi service history and the 160,000 are main down to 1500 motorway miles a week.

    Any thoughts, suggestions and pointers more than welcome.

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Why would you want to?
    Although the 2.8Q is good for 250k miles you will find it sloppy compared to your turbo. Mine has done 130k and is fine but compared to my wifes A3TS it does feel its age.
    I'm keeping it for now as it is pretty worthless with this mileage, and everything that has needed to be done on it has now been done. Things to look out for on a high mileage car - drive shafts, power steering pump, steering rack and climate control. Mine has needed a new steering rack and the pump is leaking slightly and has started to creak a bit. Also a major concern is the state of the climate control. Mine has needed every component replaced over time and this isn't cheap (compressor, dryer, heat exchanger) and the blower has started misbehaving which is £200 to replace even though it only needs new brushes.
    Also there's no real mods you can do to the V6.
    I would stick with what you've got.

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