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A4 1.8 TFSI tuning options

Oberon Jan 18, 2012

  1. Oberon

    Oberon New Member

    Hi chaps,

    I know this topic has been flogged to death, but I have just purchased a 1.8 TFSI avant and NEED some more grunt. I'd previously had a 2.0 TDI B7 which actually felt quicker. I have had a look through the forum but can't quite find the answers I need.

    Now I realise the first place to start is a remap but there is so much discrepancy between the different tuners I am a little lost. As I understand it the extra power is coming from the additional boost, with the timing and fuelling adjusted to match. None of the tuners seem willing to answer my questions about how much boost they run, and if they are maxing out the injectors etc. Seems like reasonable enough questions to ask.
    Given this is predominently a family car, I want it to remain reliable.

    So my question is, where should I take it? I see remaps available from £150 - £500 for a Revo map. Why the disparity in cost? They're all doing the same thing at the end of the day surely? Also, Revo, Celtic Tuning and APR all claim the best part of 220 Bhp which is 10 - 15 more than everyone else. How do they achieve that, and is it safe?

    Also is it worth fitting a performance panel filter or is the standard induction perfectly adequate?

    As for other bolt ons I am struggling. I can't find anywhere that supplies FMICs, and decat/performance cats seem non existent for this model. The only other option I can see is a Milltek cat back exhaust, but I can't see the value in spending £1200 there.

    Any ideas and feedback would be very welcome.
  2. riggssuzuki

    riggssuzuki Active Member

    Oh man what have you started he he he. Have a look at the other 2 threads on the A4 forum. Plenty info ref who to use etc and a LOT of heated discussion. You have a lot to choose from. REVO, CC. APR etc etc. I am currently looking at REVO and CC. REVO has big claims which are doubted by many for my car. I fancy doing it just to see if its anywhere near what they claim and will post pre and post DYNOs for it. Good luck.
  3. RevoKev

    RevoKev in the fast lane

    Hi Oberon,

    I believe we spoken yesterday afternoon. I hope we were able to advise you, if you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me.

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