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A3 with S3 rear bumper? Exhaust discussion here

Imteyaz Sep 2, 2010

  1. Imteyaz

    Imteyaz 6th Gear

    Hi guys,

    I know many people on here have A3's with the S3 rear bumpers. I'm also aware that this conversion requires the original discreet tailpipes to be shifted over for a good fit:


    I have spoken to a reputable and well known manufacturer (not sure if I can mention their name) who may be able to provide a ready made off the shelf exhaust as part of their extensive range but for them to go forward with this, they would need to guage the amount of interest shown.

    I myself had my taipipes refitted by a local exhaust company when I fitted the S3 rear bumper to my A3 but I'm still unhappy with the result and I can't get a S/S system as nobody caters for on 'off the shelf' (at present).

    If you're in the same boat and would be interested in this, please join in and make a comment and hopefully we can get the manufacturers to add another option for us A3 owners. This post will be watched by the 'manufacturers' and they will base their decision on the amount of interest shown.

    Many thanks guys (and girls...)

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