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A3 - What to look for

JohnboyC Dec 22, 2007

  1. JohnboyC

    JohnboyC Member

    Hi all...

    Not knowing a lot about the A3 (having an A4 Avant 2.5 TDi Q Sport)...and possibly having to get rid of the wifes Mini Cooper S for something a little more practical to accomodate 6 month old sproglette - I need to know what to look for concerning the A3

    In particualr looking for a 2.0TDi, 3 or 5 door (5 doors seem to be more expensive), with as much kit on it as possible...

    Whats the 2.0 diesel engine relaibility like ?

    Any pointers or info would be appreciated....(like when are cambelt changes due)....is it worth getting a quattro version.....etc, etc.
  2. RGBArgee

    RGBArgee Guest

    Have had 2x now third on way March 08.

    2.0Fsi 3dr Sport , not very practical with kids. V economical
    2.0TFSi Quattro Sport Sportback - very practical, Quattro, 200bhp, excellent performance 'family' hot hatch. Trading in in March, 27k miles Met Black, Leather Alcantara, Rood rails, FCR,

    buying a 2.0Tdi Sportback 170 DSG Quattro Sline. Superb Torque, better fuel economy, will be the family hack.

    If you can cope with fuel consumption after a Cooper Smy money would be on 2.0T Fsi Quattro Sport or Sline..(in Black of course.

    Good luck

  3. Boydie

    Boydie Guest

    Check underneath the car on the passenger side under the engine - there are two vents on the sump cover - check for oil residue

    accelerate low down in 3rd or 4th to check for clutch slip, also, at 50/60mph floor it in 6th to check for slip

    sit in it when ideling and when its warm, it will judder due to bad flywheel design but if its really really juddery, it will indicate its low on oil.

    usual service history, full ASH doesnt bother me as long as it has had regular oil changes as the 2.0tdi's like their oil a lot.

    check for steamy headlights as well

    all depending on age of the car as well, follow the points above

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