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a3 V reg quattro, has my car had a re-map?

Denty Dec 27, 2007

  1. Denty

    Denty Active Member

    hi everybody, new on here..

    Well i aquired the above car a month and a half ago after owning a standard 150bhp fwd a3 for over 2 years.

    After reading around everybody pretty much agress and says there is no noticable difference between the two cars speed wise when u take in to account the weight of the quattro system etc...well i was very surprised the first time i drove my new car - it feels so much faster in every way not just around the corners as suggested. of course thought, round the corners...first 4wd car...mmm

    I took the car to my local specialist (A.V.I.T - top guys) in slough to see if i could get it chipped because they were offering some 6 hour free trial thing which sounds like a good way to try before you buy.. Anyway turns out the re-chipping computer tinks my cars a seat leon cupra R?? and it wouldn't accept the new flash code...? so i dont know whats going on...

    Car is fine in every other way apart form the fact the(surprise!)waterpump impeller broke the other day...

    any suggestions?

    i let one of the boys take it for a spin and he said it feels like its might have had a mild chip but he cant be sure without getting it on the rollers...

    It does feel faster than i thought it would be...not complaining!! just want to know whats going on.


  2. Badgeronimous

    Badgeronimous New Member

    I've had a 150 T sport (remapped it to 185bhp), and used a 180 Quattro regularly after I sold it.

    The 180 Quattro felt a fair bit faster than the remapped 150 T sport.
  3. Bellic

    Bellic Member

    fit a boost gauge see what its boosting at
  4. Denty

    Denty Active Member

    cheers for the response but what about the chipping computer thinking it had a seat cupra r ECU...?? and the fact it coudnt be chipped....?:confused:

    is there a way to tell which ecu u have on your car?
  5. h100vw

    h100vw Member

    You can check the ECU number with VAG-COM. Although I'd be doing a physical check too as you have some identity problem.

    I know of car dealer in Manchester who had his A3T 'chipped' by his local dealer, they updated his ECU with the code from a quattro. This was what he told me and it seemed plausible at the time.

    So, it might be that someone has managed to flash your ECU with some other code? Or the file is the same as used to chip the 180hp Leon's which is why it appears as the wrong ECU part number.

    Not all ECUs can be flashed though the OBD port, which might explain the issue there.


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