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A3 towbar electrics

ScottTDI Oct 6, 2006

  1. ScottTDI

    ScottTDI Member

    Hello,I'm just about to fit a towbar to my 2004 A3 hatch, and was wandering whether to use the genine Audi wiring kit or use an aftermarket kit e.g Towsure.
    Has anybody had any experiance fitting these kits?
    Just spoke to the Audi dealer and they seem a bit vague, and even told me that they have never sold one.
    Cheers for any advise giving.
    Regards Scott.:rolleyes:
  2. Nelson_R32

    Nelson_R32 Member

    The non genuine one is bound to bypass the CANBUS ECU and just rip the feed from the rear lights. If this is the case then don't touch it with a Barge pole; unless you fancy a charred A3.

    The Audi one will definately be more expensive but worth it as you'll be doing a Factory-fit retrofit and it'll incoporate the Blown Bulb function on the DIS.
  3. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member Team Navarra Audi S3

    Any problems with a third-party one would also cause warranty problems if you had any electrical issues down the line so, depending on how much warranty you have left, this could also be a concern.
  4. A3_TOBES

    A3_TOBES Member

    Got a tow bar on mine, never used it as woz the previous owners choice so never been out of the spare wheel well. One thing tho its nice and unintrusive with the removeable panel in the rear bumper apron and the place it sits when not in use. I gather u won't get those things with an aftermarket one ?
  5. lister

    lister New Member

    Just a thought, but If you've got rear parking sensors, the genuine article might adjust (via the CANBUS) the sensor range to allow for the extra length of the car with the bar fitted.
  6. ScottTDI

    ScottTDI Member

    Have managed to get hold of the fitting instructions for the Towsure kit, and their kit is a dedicated kit for the A3 complete with control module, wiring loom and connectors.Apparantly all the CAN BUS functions will work,once enabled through VAG-COM. This kit retails at £110.
    As the car is nearly out of warranty I will Probably use this kit.

    Just out of intrest the genuine kit retails at -

    12N 7pin electrics @ £88.20 inc vat
    Control Unit @ £135.50 inc vat


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