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A3 Temperature Gauge

cpt_splash Nov 23, 2004

  1. cpt_splash

    cpt_splash New Member

    The temperature gauge in my '98 1.8T Sport seems to have stopped working properly!! My journey to work would normally see the car nice and warm, but now it shows zero. If I go on a longer journey, it sometimes gets to temperature OK, but then it can return to zero, you can even watch it do this.
    Has anyone else ssen this problem? Is it a dodgy gauge or sensor, or is it the thermostat? The car warms inside fairly quickly.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Graham
  2. MickA3

    MickA3 Member

    Hey, check out my thread- 'Temperature Gauge not working'....i had and still have the same problem in my A3- you should replace the temperature coolant sensor first and then see where you stand....my cars going in tomorrow- i need to sort this!! is your fan kicking on when the engines cold?? for long periods etc??

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