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A3 TDI Sport Cambelt change question

TimG Feb 16, 2011

  1. TimG

    TimG Active Member

    My newly acquired A3 is 7 years old now and has covered 55k miles, so well due a cambelt and water pump change which Im looking to book over the next week or so.

    Thinking of going to AMD to do the work (£312). That includes the cambelt kit, metal water pump, coolant and labour.

    Cambelt & water pump service for Audi A3 8P 2.0 TDI PD140

    Ive read a few threads on this and have noticed some reccomending the tensioner/ damper gets changed in addition to the above parts in the cambelt kit? Is this correct info, and is it really necessary at 55k miles?

    Ive had cambelts done before on other VAG models but never had anything in addition to the 'cambelt kit' fitted.

  2. navnayyar

    navnayyar Member

    You can buy a cambelt kit and water pump from euro car parts for about £120. A local garage should be able to fit it for around 60-100max. Saves you 100 for some mods :)
  3. marson

    marson New Member

    get the tensioner done mate, dont cut any corners when it comes down to this - the last owner of my car done this and im paying for it now.
    Cambelt has jumped and my engine is now out of timing all valves bent and waiting to discover any further damage :\ , Genuine VAG parts aswell.
    not a bad price you have been quoted, i've had stafford audi cambelt changes recommended to me just FYI.
    All the best!

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