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A3 Tdi PD100 any suggestions please?

gilly35 Sep 29, 2004

  1. gilly35

    gilly35 New Member

    Can anyone offer any suggestions please- i recently bought my girlfriend an A3 Tdi 100Pd 51 reg. I've had the same problems as some of the other members have posted- The car starts up from cold and goes like a train until it goes into limp mode. I've tried to find a pattern for the behaviour,which seems to be;- start from cold and the car runs perfectly until it reaches normal operating temperature indicated on the temp gauge at around 90 degrees. For no apparent reason it then suffers a sudden reduction in power, with it being difficult to achieve in excess of 3200 rpm in 4th and 5th gears perticularly on an incline. Switching off the ignition and restarting temporarilly restores the power, but then shortly after the same happens again and the car returns to limp mode. I have fitted a new M.A.F. (Mass Air Flow meter/Air Mass Meter)an EGR valve and a boost pressure valve (both located on the bulk head) I have checked all the vacuum pipes for blockages and leaks and all seem fine. I have scanned the ECU using VAG-COM and a SUN scanner and i am getting a code/report saying "inlet manifold pressure exceeded" I have researched as best i can and i have read about a M.A.P. sensor (Manifold Air Pressure/Temperature Sensor)... does anyone know where this is located? Does anyone know what the sensor located in the Intercooler is called, or what it's purpose is? Also does anyone know where the OSCIS 75 valve is located? I'm not sure if my car has this sensor fitted as it's an ATD engine code, can anyone offer any advice? Many thanks. Paul.

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