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A3 TDI 170 S line! High Spec. Well looked after. No DPF. 9750!

RedDejavu Nov 21, 2011

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  1. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Well-Known Member

    Here is my beloved A3 TDI up for sale! This is stunning example and car very well looked after. As a A3 club fan (audi-sport.net) I make sure everything is in great condition and in full working order. You can easily get 35mpg doing town driving and 40-45 mpg down the motorway so it is amazing cruiser.

    A bit of history: I bought the car nearly 2 years ago with the mileage of 34k and since then it has been working faultless.Has never refused to start up or stopped in the middle of the road.

    Link to the advert: Audi : A3 TDI 170 S line! High Spec. Well looked after. No DPF

    A bit of technical information:

    However you might have heard about faulty injectors affecting all the pd170 engines. Afraid not this car has all the injectors and wiring looms replaced with the revised once by an Audi garage just for peace of mind! This is 3k upgrade! On top of that I decided to remove DPF because I do town driving most of the time and engine was putting DPF into regeneration mode fairly too often. Passes MOT with no problems and for your information it is not required to have DPF fitted for MOT unless you get a car made after June 2008 (CR engines). In addition you get 6 months MOT and road tax!

    Standard S line spec:

    Full Leather Seats, Climate Control, Alloy Wheels 18", Electric Windows, Leather Trim, CD Player, Electric Mirrors, Air Conditioning, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Airbags, Body Coloured Bumpers, Remote Central Locking, Leather Covered Steering Wheel, Front Fog Lamps, Folding Rear Seats, Electric Boot Release

    Optional spec:

    DVD Sat Nav player with SD card slots + 2011 disc with all the UK Speed Cameras! + 1 Free SD 2GB card (£450)

    ZF fix for radio reception (£180)

    Cruise Control (£190)

    S3 air vents upgrade (£200)

    JBS DPF removal downpipe and program (£750)

    All new revised injectors + wiring looms

    Blackout front grill (£200)

    Black front and rear badge (£50)

    Coming home lights fix (£30)

    NOW Exclusive price of 9750 for audi-sport members only! This is a steal so grab yourself a bargain!

    Any questions feel free to give me a call on 07514929073.
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