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A3 TDI 170 - Hesitation when boosting

madcatz86 Feb 18, 2014

  1. madcatz86

    madcatz86 New Member

    Hi Guys,

    My car has recently developed a little problem. When I accelerate the boost starts kicking in, hits a flat spot then continues to pull. Also it just doesn't feel as quick as when I first got the car a few months ago. The car idles perfectly, good temps and no smoke at all. Sounds smooth as silk when revving whilst stationary.

    I never let it run low on fuel.

    I had the cam belt and injectors done about 3 weeks ago. Now I don't know if its me but the problem only seems to have started since this.

    Please help guys, its killing me that my beloved car is being problematic.
  2. DriverN00B

    DriverN00B Active Member

    Have you checked for any faults on VCDS?
  3. madcatz86

    madcatz86 New Member

    Forgot about this thread.

    Literally minutes after my post, I had to take the car out and about 30 seconds down the road the DPF light popped up on the dashboard. Took the car for an hour drive, keeping it above 2k RPM and light cleared. All seems good now but seriously considering DPF removal and a custom remap.

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